About Us | Our Values

At Ghetz, we want to ensure our customers walk in comfort.
The success of our business is driven by our company values. Ghetz is built on a clear set of simple principles that we all follow:


Your feet equal our responsibility, so only the finest materials and designs are good enough for us. Yes, we’re commercially focused but we also believe that no one should have to put up with badly made, overly expensive or unethically produced shoes.

We stand for standards

We expect high standards from our suppliers for first-class products. In turn, we aim to deliver high standards – with one another and to our customers. We never stop trying to reach even greater heights of success – but only if we can achieve them honestly and fairly.

We stand for integrity

We love our planet and we look after our stakeholders. We only work with brands that share our vision, ethical business approach and responsibility to employees and the environment. We also seek out innovative ideas to help our brands flourish further.

We stand for passion

We love what we do. We’re enthusiastic. We’re energetic. We’re international with roots in Brazil and so we have spirit! We enjoy exploring and learning to become even better at what we do. And if we can fill the working day with laughter or samba to the coffee machine, then life’s all the sunnier for it.

  •  Avenida Brasil, 3251
    Jd. Paulistano I
    Franca - SP – Brasil | CEP 14402-450
  •   +55 (16) 3703-1005
  • info@ghetz.com