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At Ghetz, we want to ensure our customers walk in comfort.
Our mission is simple: to sell and distribute comfortable, high quality shoes from Brazil - sourced sustainably - with excellent service.

Joao Conrado, CEO

The key principle to stay competitive in the current climate is to always adapt to the changes of the market. It is also very important to always listen to our customers and with their help improve our products and expand our collection.

Moema Pimentel, Managing Director

We are extremely honoured that our products attract so many customers from all around the world. We value every customer and we invest in research and development to be able to satisfy their needs. We focus on quality and while many brands will try to do anything to cut costs, we always have in mind that quality sells and will always be the priority in what we do.

We aim to offer shoes that are kind to feet (beautifully made and supremely comfortable); kind to the planet (ethically sourced materials); and kind to your wallet (the best things in life needn’t carry high price tags).

Our key fantastic footwear brand is Anatomic & Co, the men’s brand known for style combined with comfort. With offices in London, Brazil and US, we sell to the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia as well as retail online.

Our customers tell us we’re a company they love to buy from while our suppliers say we’re a company they enjoy doing business with. It’s a great position to be in and we aim to keep it that way.

  •  Avenida Brasil, 3251
    Jd. Paulistano I
    Franca - SP – Brasil | CEP 14402-450
  •   +55 (16) 3703-1005
  • info@ghetz.com