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    by Ghetz

Bibi – a fabulous collection of children’s shoes.

Founded in 1949 in the south of Brazil, Bibi children’s shoes has become a Brazilian institution fitting tiny feet for decades around the world in more than 65 countries. It was the first Brazilian footwear brand to create shoes specifically for children and to have been approved by the Brazilian Association of Foot and Ankle Medicine and surgery. Bibi is a pioneer in the country in creating shoes for children’s different stages of development, combining orthopaedic research with imaginative and fashion-forward range of styles.

Bibi shoes are made with non-toxic materials only and everything they do is environmentally friendly. All the shoes are produced using the softest Brazilian materials and they offer a unique comfort technology in the removable insole called ‘Fisioflex’. The brand contributes towards the child’s natural and happy development

Bibi’s tagline #letkidsbekids summarizes the brand’s mission to respect children’s freedom to explore the environment, being natural, environmentally friendly and the best companion for their everyday adventures!

  •  Avenida Brasil, 3251
    Jd. Paulistano I
    Franca - SP – Brasil | CEP 14402-450
  •   +55 (16) 3703-1005