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    by Ghetz

Moema – a fabulous collection of women’s leather soft and stylish shoes.

Time and time again, we’ve had requests from suppliers and customers asking why we haven’t applied the same incredible standards of craftsmanship, quality and expertise to ladies footwear that Anatomic & Co is so renowned for.

With stunningly stylish shoes that are also unbelievably comfortable.

As you know, we adhere to high ethics in everything we do, using only the finest materials and paving the way in comfort through our innovative technologies. We’ve taken a lot of time and care in designing and creating the new Moema brand, and I’m sure you’ll be as excited as we are by the results!

For the AW 2015 Moema launch, please expect nothing less than flats and loafers made from the softest genuine leather, pampering full sheepskin lining and perfect finishing touches – with a selection of to-die-for colours. Now at last, ladies can find shoes they can happily wear from dawn to dusk that will also get heads turning.

  •  Avenida Brasil, 3251
    Jd. Paulistano I
    Franca - SP – Brasil | CEP 14402-450
  •   +55 (16) 3703-1005