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Brazil rivals any of the world’s fashion capitals, and is known for its creativity, passion and energy. The country is the world’s fourth biggest footwear producer, with a long-standing reputation for producing fine quality shoes.

Think of Brazil and sunshine, samba, style, football, pristine beaches and lush rainforest all come to mind. Brazil is a lively tapestry and a cultural mosaic, with European, African, Japanese, Indian and Brazilian ethnicities united under a single language - Brazilian Portuguese.

A thriving industry

With an annual production of over 650 million pairs of shoes, the footwear industry in Brazil employs around 340,000 people. The industry is incredibly strong on environmental responsibilities and human and social rights, with good working conditions and wages. Brazilian shoe manufacturers invest in state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, using only high-quality raw materials, supplied mostly within the Brazilian domestic market itself.

Brazil is also one of the world’s best-organised footwear industries, uniquely divided into footwear ‘clusters’. These are groups of companies, suppliers, agents of knowledge, institutions and consumers within the same geographical location.

The city of Franca, in the northeast of Sao Paulo and where the Ghetz founders are from, is Brazil’s second largest footwear production centre. It consists of hundreds of companies with the capacity to produce over 30 million pairs of shoes a year, directly generating about 20,000 jobs.

Leading the way

Abicalçados (Brazilian Footwear Industries Association) represents the industry's best interests in Brazil and internationally. Around 140 different countries – notably the US, as well as Argentina, the UK and Canada - import shoes from Brazil, resulting in an estimated US$ 1.911 billion in revenue.

Alongside this, the Brazilian Footwear programme consolidates new markets and promotes the Brazil brand with regard to quality, reliability, innovation and style.

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